Friday, August 8, 2008

Have 8 great people in your life.

Always have 8 people in your life that you can call "close" (friends or family, doesn't matter). If you don't have anyone, then my challenging you to find 8 people should be a relief cause, really, when people say "You should go out and meet people... make some friends." they don't specify a number, do they?

Stick drawing of me and two good friends.

Having 8 people in your life gives you pretty good odds one of them will be by the phone when you need them. (Edit: In reading this 7 years after I first wrote it, I giggled. Tell me... who isn't by their phone any more? Let's change this to be "...pretty good odds one of them will spot your text among their social media feeds." Yup, that sounds more appropriate.)

If you have "way more" than 8, ask yourself, how many of those are truly close. If your answer is higher than 8, you are rich beyond your dreams.

I hope you know that.

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